The All-New FlyingBivy 2.0
our "Tree-Sleeper" & "Thin Black Line in the Woods"
Tree Camping Platform / Stable, Level, Comfortable!
The All-New ST-2 (Scout Trooper 2.0)
The All-New ST-2-4-2 (Scout Trooper-2-For-Two!)
And ... "Our Flagship Line" of "Solo+" Alphas and "Two+" Persons Omegas.  Expedition-Grade Qualities and Refinements, Options, and Accessories.  New Offerings and Methods of Use and Set-Ups, etc.! 
The Alpha
The Omega
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Our 3 New Models are simplified in detail, but built with the same highest quality materials and workmanship as our famous Flagship Line.   Hand built, cared for, tested, inspected and packed by outdoor folk in the USA!
Three All New Models !!!

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Treez Tree Tents
P.O. Box 2
Isle La Motte, VT 05463 USA
Since 2003
Our Famous "Aelph" Alpha
Click for an Alpha tour and Specs
Our Magnificent "Aelph" Omega
Click for Omega tour and Specs
' 2020's "Treez Season" in North America!  

From our entry level ultralight FlyingBivy 2.0, beginning at $179 complete through our mid-models, the ST-2s, to our Expedition Grade Alphas and Omegas…where you can spend a bit…to get your secret lodge in the woods, most models and packages can ship within 24 hours! We work with you on custom packages and accessories…all hand built in USA! 
(We're working on some new stuff too…keep an eye on Treez
the Original, Patented, "Real" tree tent! ;)