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Since 2003

We do not rush our product! Each tent is hand built and field tested under user weight and carefully inspected multiple times. We take each final order live and by phone to make sure we get it right. We also service our tents, assess and repair them.

We are not building for the mass market. Recently, because of the problems with credit card sales, fraud, predatory chargebacks, hacking, etc., we have decided to take ALL PAYMENTS BY CHECK ON A U.S. BANK, OR FOREIGN ORDERS BY WIRE TRANSFER to our bank. (We'll help arrange that with you in completing a foreign sale.)

We do have some working inventory and expedited orders can often be quickly achieved, but, as often, we are putting together custom packages and shipping a Fly/Canopy, for instance, separately, and/or adding other accessories in aftermarket orders. So, while credit card sales encourage "impulse buying," we'd rather not hurry either you or our careful work.

On orders requiring some construction lead time, we are happy to issue a "PAID RECEIPTS" Certificate, or for Gifts ordered to be delivered, a "GIFT CERTIFICATE" to present until the order is shipped upon completion, and/or as soon as checks clear.​

For Ordering Only:
Call Toll-Free for USA and territories
International callers use:
802.928.3047 &/or 802.871.9480
Like to chat live before ordering? Please also use 802.928.3047 &/or 802.871.9480
 Leave your number and message if we are not available, and we'll call you back!

Make checks to:  Treez Tree Tents 

Treez Tree Tents
3367 Main St.
Isle La Motte, VT 05463

Domestic Shipping

For the United States and territories, we ship by USPS Priority Mail, insured to value, with signatured delivery. We will also ship by UPS or FedEx the same way but with higher speed delivery choices at your instructions and approval of increased shipping costs. 

International Sales & Shipping

International Sales must be paid by Wire Transfer in $USD. (Your bank will convert currencies on request.) We will provide our Account and Routing Numbers in arranging your Sale and Shipment, either by phone or by email as needed.)

We are happy to figure shipping and handling costs to any point globally where it is possible to receive shipments from the USA, but it may take us a little longer and consultation on methods with our clients to figure those costs and provide a summary. Clients must pay any border and customs fees as per Customs Regulations in their country.

 We wish to be of the best service possible and want you to be fully advised (on things like present availability or lead time) before placing your order. We want our service to be like our tents the closest we can come to perfection but diligently crafted and of professional quality in the meantime, as we ever "go on to perfection."

Our Product Offerings



The all new and amazing!
Aelph Alpha,
  Complete Off-the-Ground Camping System

Complete basic package: Customized handbuilt and fit 2.5 oz. Ripstop Nylon Tent w/double doors and three integrated, fully zippable and screen-backed windows, two large, permanent storage pockets plus foot-end "boot-storage" strap and area, and with exterior accessory/gear ties already installed; all permanently installed on web-tensioned, high-strength, low-weight, high-tech, outdoor cloth base; black, anodized Easton tent pole set; our 3:1 Tensioner device w/supporting hardware and lines, 3, 10' Tree-Saver Bands (TSBs) (also expandable) w/single Carabiner; large SilNyl Stuff Sack for whole system.  Add your own fly system or pick from one of our new line up below!
S-M-L Aelph Alpha T-shirt, forest green w/white logo, free for the asking with Alpha purchase. (More T-shirt options below)



As requested, we are now pleased to offer our Flys and Custom-Tailored Fly/Canopys in Camo Models for those who really want to fade away into the woods. Our material is polyurethane-coated ripstop so standard seam-sealer should be used with it instead of the silicon sealer for our SilNyl Flys. (Be advised, that the Camo Color will somewhat reduce the light ambience in your camping area.)

Our NEW, Simple, Rectangular "Utility Flys" @ about 10'x15' (!) work for all models (with a little less but very adequate overhang on our wider 2+ Person models).  In Ultralight, Ultrastrong, very light-ambient Tan Silnyl, $189.  In Camo, Polyurethane-Coated, $239. Rig over your own ridge strings or over pole models of our tents or configure/tie out as desired for each setting and condition.  The "Utility Flys" have three tie points along each side and three ridge seam tie points. These Flys will also serve in many other camping uses and are great deals on a huge but lightweight Tan SilNyl or Camo Fly for any purpose. They are a full waterproof shelter in and of themselves!  

Our "Custom-Tailored Fly/Canopies" for the Solo+ Aelph Alpha and Minimalist Model w/Pole Accessory
In Tan SilNyl w/custom SilNyl Stuff Sack, $299.
In Camo Polyurethane w/custom Camo Stuff Sack, $349.
These Fly/Canopys are Custom-Tailored to snug around our Solo Models with Pole Systems, The Alpha and The Minimalist w/Pole Accessory, providing very water and wind resistant sheltering, and yet they will also spread to about 10'x14' at their widest for shade and undercamping ambience.

Our "Custom-Tailored Fly/Canopies" for The Aelph Omega and The Double Minimalist Models
In Tan SilNyl w/custom SilNyl Stuff Sack, $349
In Camo Polyurethane-Coated w/Custom Camo Stuff Sack, $399
Approaching 14'X15' at widest and longest points!

New!  Our  Mini-Fly for the new Minimalist Simplex: approx. 60"x130", Tan SilNyl, $99.00



Our new Aelph Omega is now in early production. As such, We are now building to order with a 4-6 week delivery time. The Omega is a full system: a roomy, off-the-ground double version of the Alpha, with all Tensioning hardware (and with more leverage purchase than the Alpha's), with all TreeLines and Tree-Saver Bands and webbings for near infinite set-ups, but also easily expandable for extra wide set-ups. The Omega can be configured with enormous and very strong, but also very light Flys and Fly/Canopies that tie out to make huge under-area campsites, and then will let down and/or tie under to protect the Omega's occupants in nearly any inclement conditions. 

 "A Virtual Elven Castle for a Prince and his Lady"
Separate, fully screened double entrance doors for EACH OCCUPANT on his or her own side; a fully screened and full sized radius window at the Head Side with a full-length, tensionable pocket under it to receive the zipped down window panel under it, and any other large items, and with a plethora of small pockets on its inner facing for anything from glasses to smart phones!  More storage space behind an Accessory ClothesNet in the Foot End, and, of course, all the Accessories like the GearNet for under the floor, and more!

The whole system, integral tent and support floor/sleeping surface, and all web-tensioning equipment w/5:1 Tensioner, complete in two Custom SilNyl Stuff Sacks,
carryable by one or two persons:

Two S-M-L Aelph Omega T-shirts, forest green w/white logo, free for the asking with each Omega purchase. (More T-shirt options below)


The Minimalist
and "The Minimalist System of Upgrades and Additions"
Treez's ultralight and entry level model
Starting @ $369 !!! (click here for its own order page)
NOW, also at this link, see the New Minimalist Simplex, as low as $129.00!!
(Minimalist parts are also listed among the Accessories on this page.)
Also, ask about the new Double Minimalist, an off the ground camping surface for 2 or more at about 9'x9'x9'! You can even put your own small tent on it!   A 5:1 (passive 10:1+ actual) Tensioner system replaces the standard 3:1 for greater tensioning ability. $789.

(See Special Offers at bottom of this Page too!)


The FlyingBivy

We have a few FBs left as we phase them out for the new Alpha. Our famous FlyingBivy sleeps you like a baby and keeps you very high and dry at about 6lb. 6 oz. complete. Head room is a little scant, but, hey, its a bivy. Sitting headroom at the head end and a giving screen and fly canopy throughout make it very serviceable and fluid. Full pocket at the head end,
 the FB will also accept the same GearNet and Mosquito Undernet as the Alpha.
Best price ever to be seen again on a fully-enclosed and complete Treez Tree Tent:  
$499 while they last.


The Hunter'sNest

We are building a new upgraded model of our original Hunter'sNest, a camouflaged blind and shelter combination for those specializing in wildlife observation, able to quickly view and access views over a full 360 degrees, and to be configured in many ways to suit each site, and yet still provide shelter or be snugged down into a secure, weathertight structure. A large, Custom-Tailored Camo Fly/Canopy is provided, along with a Five-Point-Stability Pole System. Accessories such as MosquitoNet Fly and GearNets can also be added.
(This package offer is about $89 less than assembling from a Solo+ or Minimalist floor w/added components!)
While we recommend our Custom-Tailored Fly/Canopy for use with our PoleSets, it may be exchanged for our Camo "Utility Fly" for a price decrease to $589. The PoleSet is still included and the PolePins installed on all Hunter'sNests.)


 Major Accessories 
(See also, Special Offers at bottom of Page!)

 The Treez "Solo+" models'
The Aelph Alpha, The FlyingBivy, The Minimalist, and The Hunter'sNest

 Follows and fits under the entire footprint of the sleeping/camping floor/surface and provides easily accessible extra and Fly-protected storage for clothes, boots, gear, nearly anything you want near but not in the tent with you. Will hang from just a few inches below the floor to two feet or more below, depending on the length you set with the 10 perimeter cords provided to hang it from the floor perimeter webbing loops (which are pre-installed on all Alpha's for it and to use as hanging tie loops in and of themselves). GearNet is of heavy weight bearing but light in weight Leno nylon mesh, black: 

The GearNet for the Omega and the Double Minimalist


The Aelph Alpha and FlyingBivy models only.
(Open models the Minimalist and the Hunter'sNest need the full Mosquito Canopy to lay under their Flys; it will also wrap under their floor and secure together there when needed; see next item.)
 when you want to sleep very lightly clad, or directly against our very breathable and airy floor, especially in buggy or tropical climates.
Shock-corded; installs in seconds! Made of black, "no-see-um"
 polyester mesh, same as our screens, 
(GearNet may yet also be installed below the Mosquito UnderNet).

MosquitoUnderNet for the Omega 


 for the open models only 
The Minimalist and The Hunter'sNest
This large, shaped and designed netting can be used alone (in fair weather) or under the Flys for the open models. It can be strung over a ridge string and secured, but it is also made to work especially well with our pole sets. It is of sufficent size to tie together under the floor too when needed. A GearNet can still be installed below it.
MosquitoCanopy for the Double Minimalist

 Peripherals, Additions, Repair kits, etc. 

 Standard Tree-Saver Bands (TSBs)
to replace worn or damaged ones, OR to link together w/carabiners for long set-ups: 10 feet, tip of eye to tip of eye, strongly sewn eyes w/4" span of eye for easy use and 4"
sew-down area,
 $24.95 ea. / $69.95, set of 3


Custom length TSBs
 (more than the 10' standard)
 $3.00/ft. (Includes stitched eyes at each end.)


We ship smaller items by USPS Flat Rate Priority Boxes and are happy to fit several items into one box if possible, and will calculate a lower overall rate for shipping and handling for such combined purchases. If ordering accessories, etc. at time of your Treez Tent purchase, we will pack and ship them as one container if possible, saving shipping costs. Other methods of shipping and expediting are available but with higher costs. 


Additional Carabiners
  Omega Pacific Mountaineering Oval Carabiner
ISO Cold-forged, high strength aluminum, spring gate, same as the one issued with the basic Alpha package. Use these for spares or to link additional TSBs for long
set-up spans,  
$7.50 ea.
(One or several can be shipped in same box.)


McNett's SilSeal  
for our "Silnyl"  Fly/Canopy only; breathable tent is only slightly water resistant and needs no seam sealers as you use the Fly/Canopy over it for any wet conditions.
 1.5 oz., (42.5 grams) tube w/brush
Gear Aid's, "Seam Grip" seam sealer for our Camo polyurethane-
coated Fly,  $6.99


Kenyon K-Tape Ripstop Repair Tape
Patch kit for Aelph Alpha (uncoated Ripstop) tent walls



 Patch kit for aelph Alpha "Sil-Nyl" Fly/Canopy 


No-See-Um Screen Repair Kit
Contains 2- 8"x8" non-fraying, black screen patches to sew into place
 w/fine black polyester thread recommended (Larger sizing available; inquire)


Replacement TreeLines (2, 10')

1/4" Dyneema Hi-Tech, high strength, very low stretch, low weight lines with spliced eyes, ready to install to our Tensioner System, replacing existing worn lines: 

Replacement Tensioner Line (1)

 Dyneema, 3/16" x 24' w/splice


Easton Aluminum Tent Pole Set
 for the Alpha 
(2 poles)
complete w/shock-corded auto-linking joints, ready to go, 

Accessory (or Replacement)
Easton Aluminum Tent Pole Set
for The Minimalist and The Hunter'sNest
(2 poles)
(differs from the Alpha by addition of fifth point stability parts) 

Treez Aelph Alpha T-Shirts

Forest Green w/white logo and lettering on chest
S,M,L: $14.95; 
XL,XXL, XXXL: $19.95
(One shirt: S,M,L free for the asking if requested at time of Alpha purchase to ship with it!)


(View/Print Terms and Conditions Sales Agreement here.)
Sales made in the State of Vermont must have 6% Sales Tax collected at time of sale. (While we do not have a retail sales outlet, we will help our neighbors with any shipping issues or costs by allowing pick up of any order at our site. We do not have a full retail outlet at this time.)
(We also are happy to do pre-arranged site demonstrations in the cedar woods near our site for guests and visitors.)


Our Tester's Program,
Warranties, etc.


Special Offers!

Prototypes (and odds-and-ends) Sales

On a "ramen noodles every night (tight!) budget", but still crave a Treez? We are a bit scrappy ourselves as an artisan-level, aficionado clutch of woodsmen/designers sometimes, we have prototypes with maybe an extra seam here or there or a place where we tried to do something in a new way, and then didn't like it, BUT, the tent unit or product is still fully functional. When we have these, we'll tell an inquirer why it is a prototype, and we'll offer it at a discount. No warranty, but as with all or our tents and bases, we'll stand with it in assessments and care and repairs throughout its useable life.

RIGHT NOW! We have a few prototype Flys that will work with The Minimalist, especially if using your own ridge string instead of our Pole Set. These would be slightly small over our Pole Set, but might be workable, but would be best used over a ridge string and/or tied out to surrounding scrub or just laid over the sleeping floor unit and tied as desired.  

Half price! $75 !!!

We have one in our high-tech, Coyote Brown Silnyl, 1.3 oz. Ripstop cloth; seam seal with McNett's Silicon Seam Sealer only We have a few others in Camo (approximate your own Hunter'sNest from a Minimalist!), 1.5 to 1.9 oz. Ripstop cloth, and these are of standard polyurethane coating and should be seam sealed with standard, non-silicon, seam sealer.

The All-New
and Doubly Amazing