The All New

"The ST-2-4-2"

Using our "Two-Person+" base footprint — same as our Expedition Grade Omegas, Treez Tree Tents brings you a fully poled, completely weatherizable, fully enclosable Treez Tree Tent…and at an entry level price…yes, simplified, but with the same quality of advanced materials and handwrought workmanship as our Expedition Grade Tree Tents. Add our Accessory BugNet for buggy conditions and you have all the essentials for the stable, level, off-the-ground comfort and adventure as our very sophisticated Expedition Grade Alpha and Omega Treez Tree Tents!

Sleeping/Camping Web-Tensioned Base with all needed gear and new Web Tensioning System; extremely VERSATILE(!) and ready to set up at thousands of sites — and yet expandable to even more; comes with our Custom Tailored SilNyl, ultralight, ultrastrong, ultra water resistant, huge Fly/Canopy/Tent with full pole system providing seating, even kneeling, height with room for an overhanging LED light, etc.  Sleeping area has its own Tensioner Web to divide into single bunks, or, eased off, to give a more double-bed-like experience.

…all for $689!

Add our Accessory BugNet,which can be used under the Fly/Canopy or alone for bug-free sunning in the outdoors, or nights as a "StarCanopy" when the weather is fine, clear and warm. 

 Added later: $199

...Or bought as a full, initial package: $849!

And pretend it's summer!  Sunny sides tied out by string ties to local branches.  Wow, what a grand, hidden, elfin cabin in the woods, but "floating" off the ground…The Great Treez Idea!

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Side edges are a little softer and easily lounged over.
The Headside, with its own perimeter web, plus another web bound alongside, makes a more rigid edge.  Some like entering over it; others like entering from the sides.  Depending on your site and your set-up, which Fly/Canopy edges are "porched" or down, you can enter or edge-perch anywhere you choose!
Extend your tour with our ST-2-4-2 Thumbnail Gallery.  More details in their captions too.
Yes, depending on height you set off ground, you can have a whole "first storey" under the floor.  Lay out another ground cloth and have lots of extra "floor space."  One camper can sleep above while the other one reads below!  Set over steep areas and adjacent to views, you could have standing headroom in some underfloor areas, and a two-storey mountain cabin with panoramas for all!
Head for the Woods!
Tho' sun on snow is this day's weather, here's how the ST-2-4-2 can be snugged into a fully closed tent against rain and wind.  No wind? ...let the skirts hang or leave 'em tied out but also down angled to shed rain (or "pocket" one of them to catch drinking water, but don't let it get too full !)
Summer's comin'!  Meanwhile, some set-up practice on a sunny, Vermont March day over deer yard snow crust!

Here's how: Set up The ST-2-4-2  floor  taut.  Hey!  You can even stop here and use the open base for lounging, or flop a little while, after a long walk in, before finishing the set-up!  Or use it as an edge of woods tanning lounge!

Now, add the poles.  Look closely!  Now you can add the Accessory Bug Net, and/or add the Fly/Canopy tent (with or without the BugNet).

You can tie out a porch, or, instead, "roll back a door" anywhere with our rubber-toothed Accessory Spring Clips.

Some Perspective on overall size and typical set-up—

From "the carabiner end," the foot end—

Even near, if not in, the tent, you can have protection from the weather as soon as a porch or hood is tied out.

Porches and hoods to the sunny side!

Our simple Shock cord w/hook and toggle Accessory make drawing the skirts under for foul weather easy.  Or use your own string.  Still room for the Gear Net Accessory up under, keeping all "stuff" dry!

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