Introducing The All-New Scout Trooper 2.0,

"The ST-2"
Using our "Solo+" base footprint — same as our Expedition Grade Aelph-Alphas and other Solo+ models, Treez Tree Tents brings you a fully poled, completely weatherizable, fully enclosable Treez Tree Tent…and at an entry level price…yes, simplified, but with the same quality of advanced materials and handwrought workmanship as our Expedition Grade Tree Tents.  Add our Accessory BugNet for buggy conditions and you have all the essentials for the stable, level, off-the-ground comfort and adventure as our very sophisticated Expedition Grade Alpha and Omega Treez Tree Tents!

Sleeping/Camping Web-Tensioned Base with all needed gear and new Web Tensioning System; extremely VERSATILE(!) and ready to set up at thousands of sites — and yet expandable to even more; with our Custom Tailored SilNyl, ultralight, ultrastrong, ultra water resistant, huge Fly/Canopy/Tent with full pole system providing seating, even kneeling, height with room for an overhanging LED light, etc. 

all for $389!

Add our Accessory BugNet,which can be used under the Fly/Canopy or alone for bug-free sunning in the outdoors, or nights as a "StarCanopy" when the weather is fine, clear and warm.  Added later:  $129

...Or bought as a full, initial package:  $489!

(Upgrade any combination or package from our new standard Electrogalvanized Production Tensioner to a fully Stainless Steel embodiment for only $14.95)

Explore our Thumbnail Gallery (Click on each to expand—the, "Slideshow" through all if desired) of the new ST-2.  All of these shots are actual and were made in a nearby deer yard with a few inches of hard pack snow left.   You wouldn't need our BugNet in this weather, but we wanted to premier the many facets of our new ST-2.  Soon, it will be granting bug free suntans and nighttime "Star-Canopies" or under-Canopy bug resistance for those deploying it.  

(Note:  NO "PHOTOSHOP FANTASIES" here.  All our photos are field shots unretouched.  With our three new models to be introduced for April, 2016, we are shooting in mid to late March in a local deer yard here in Vermont with a last few inches of snow crust, though we had to snowshoe in over drifted fields on the first of 3 shooting days!  It was an Arctic Winter!  "Pretend" it's summer, but folks do use Treez for winter camping, and we will discuss "the hows" when asked.)
Come July, you may want to add the BugNet, as shown here, under our Fly/Canopy!

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HeadSide tied out to local branches as an entry hood.  
Just look at the volume of the ST-2!
A bonus over even our full Alphas and Omegas:  Entrances and Exits can be planned and executed from every side and angle; helpful in high or unusual settings.
"Take your shoes off in the house!"  "But, it's cold out there, ma!"
Just to show you a perspective of interior volume.  Use and Storage Space, behind a provided "bootstrap" extends for several feet beyond my hiking boots.  Overhead spans on up the poles to well over average sitting height (even kneeling height!), depending on movement and load, and leaves room for an overhead LED light without hitting your head on it…much, if ever. 
Our BugNet may be used freestanding for tans in the daytime and as a "StarCanopy" at night, as well as deploying it under the Fly/Canopy.  See photo at right and the ST-2 galleries.

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Fly and Skirt tied out as side porch.  Gear can be hung at various spots around the perimeter, and is even somewhat weather-protected just laying under the tent's footprint.

ST-2 Accessory BugNet; extra cloth cuts and rubber-toothed spring clips assure good bug resistance even with movement, enterings & exitings.

Fly/Canopy/Tent fully deployed in calm conditions; all skirts let fully down.

BugNet deployed; viewed from Foot End.  Tan in the sun, or sleep under a StarCanopy on nice nights, Or pop over the Fly/Canopy at any time and have both weather and bug protection!  TTT's ever-present and amazing Versatility!

BugNet and Fly/Canopy working together.  Maybe F/C is set to block a light breeze or mist, but BugNet is still needed too?  Many intuitive options are a TTT speciality!

Another View:  "Downwind" side fully rolled back; BugNet still fully deployed.

Another angle on the BugNet...

When a porch is tied out, you can see just how much volume is available in the ST-2!

BugNet seen from a Headside angle — an expansive Screen House, but off in the solitude and privacy of the deep woods!

 Read Oklahoman Rick E.'s recent review of his early ST-2, which we intro'd this spring, after a fishing expedition in Minnesota's vast Boundary Waters wilderness...
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