Our Palette of Fly/Canopy Color Choices 
in Our Standard, High Quality, Amazing SilNyl Micro Ripstop
Actual Color May Vary Somewhat from Online Appearance 

Summer Sunshine

August Mustard Bloom


Deep Sky Bleu

October Maple leaf

Our Palette of Super-Sil-Nyl
Patterns are the same, but this is a special super quality cloth, guaranteed USA loomed, much higher for us to buy per yard.  Add $24.95 for the FB Mini-Fly; $49.95 for The Alpha and ST-2, $99.95 for the Omega and the ST-2-4-2.


Forest Green

Tree Bark Brown


You MUST use pure silicon seam sealers on the SilNyl Fly/Canopies.  We recommend McNett's SilNet.  The Mini needs no sealer as it is seamless.  The Solo+ models need only the center seam sealed, on the outside, about 1/8 to 1/4" wide. The Two-Person+ models need the center seam and the two seams, one on either side of it sealed.  Edge seams need not be sealed on any models.  One tube should more than do for the Solo+ models.  2-3 tubes will be needed for the 2 Person+ models.  You can order from us, $7.99/tube, a good deal!  A small brush is included with each tube; Q-Tips also work well.

For polyester-coated cloths, the Woodland Camo below, order​ McNett's Seam Grip, $7.99/tube


We will also build Custom Fly/Canopies in Woodland Camo.  These now replace our original Hunter'sNest model and allow any model to become a "Hunter'sNest"!  Interior light ambience in considerably decreased, but some folks really want to disappear into the woods.  Literally, be careful to remember where you left your site.  We have had to hunt hard to find some of our Camo Set-Ups after we walked away from them for awhile!  Camo is of polyester-coated cloth and uses standard seam seal, NOT silicon seam sealer!  Because it has "A/B" sides, we have to use more yardage to build to the same patterns, so cost also increases: add $24.95 for the FB Mini-Fly; $49.95 for The Alpha and ST-2 Fly/Canopy; $99.95 for the Omega and ST2-4-2.

Treez Tree Tents
Other Accessories and Supplies

For Our Solo+ Models, the Alpha and The ST-2 —

The GearNet of strong, open polyester netting secures up close or further down, as desired, under the tensioned sleeping floor, and is approximately the same size as the sleeping floor!  89.95.  All Models' GearNets allow you massive storage areas, the same size as the floor, but outside the tent!...just under the floor, and yet able to be nearly fully weather protected by the long skirts of our Fly-Canopies. 

The Mosquito UnderNet: for tropical conditions when sleepers want to be lightly clad and sleep right against the very breathable floors of the Alpha & ST-2.  49.95  Holds mosquitoes 3-4" away from the floor. Attaches in seconds.

For Our Two-Person+ Models, The Omega and The ST-2-4-2 —

The GearNet, 129.95
The Mosquito UnderNet, 69.95

Net Storage Bag for between the rear poles interior area of the Omega only: 39.95


Quick-Tether, a shock cord, spring toggle and hook set-up to draw the tie loops of the skirts of the Fly/Canopies quickly together under the Floor for wind and rain. You may also accomplish this with just lashing line or string, but the Quick-Tether is fast and easy. For all applicable Solo+ and Two-Person+ Models (inapplicable to the FB-2). 6.95

500' roll of neon yellow braided mason's string, handy for site tie-outs, tie downs, tie ups, tie ins of all kinds; bright so you don't run into it!, 9.95

Additional Single-Gate Carabiners (like the one provided), 6.95

Custom Overlength Tree-Saver Bands, $1.00/ft. 1" polyester, 4400 # test (For the Omega, when weight is not an issue but maximum strength is, we will build 2" 6600# TSBs on a custom basis.)

McNett's SilNet Seam Sealer, pure silicon; what you MUST use on SilNyl fabric Fly/Canopies! 7.99
McNett's GearAid Seam Grip, standard seam sealer for our polyurethane-coated Camo Fly/Canopies, 7.99

We will also put together patch kits for screens, tent walls, and SilNyl to help you with your situation, and at very reasonable prices plus shipping. We will also repair our tents upon consultation.

Scroll down for Accessories & More —

Gentlemen—and Ladies—Pick Your Fly/Canopy!

Our Custom-Cut Fly/Canopies are a whole technology and design and structure in themselves. We recommend them as your first choice for Alphas and Omegas.

We do also offer a straight cut "Micro-Fly" as an Accessory for our FlyingBivy 2.0 Tree Platform and basic backpacker's off-the-ground "Tree-Sleeper" (See below). We will also build custom-sized square and rectangular Flys within the limits of our available fabrics. Feel free to talk over special needs with us. We build in the amazingly light and strong and very water resistant pressure-cooked-siliconized ripstop, for short, "SilNyl."   We would also build in heavier weight materials for special expedition needs and where backpacking weight limits are of no concern. We build our Camo versions in traditional polyurethane-coated ripstop which is slightly heavier per yard than SilNyl and which uses traditional seam sealers while our SilNyl requires pure silicon seam sealers only.

With our Scout Trooper models (ST-1 and ST-2-4-2)the Fly/Canopy is integral to the model and included in the package price if you choose one of the standard colors. (Super Silnyl and Camo have slightly added costs. See Below,)

With our Expedition Grade models, the Aelph Alpha and the Aelph Omegathe Custom Cut Fly/Canopy is sold separately. This allows the User more options in preparing for the wilderness and deep woods and extended outings. You may, for example, choose a generic square or rectangular or extra large campsite covering Fly for special situations or for a very large weather protected undersite camping area. (Some folks even build their own, but generic Flys are also widely available to the outdoor public.  We will build them custom in SilNyl and Camo too!)

Our Custom Cut Fly Canopies, however, provide the snuggest fit to our Alphas and Omegas, and yet have oversized skirt tails that when tied out provide exceptional additional shade and light rain protection for expanded undersite camping, and when let down provide excellent weatherproofing for the tents and for the then smaller footprint under their floors. They are also made to lash together under for more severe weather, heavily weatherproofing the tent and also still providing some undersite protection as well as fully protecting the Accessory Gearnet and all its "luggage" of your gear and/or the Accessory MosquitoNet, both of which mount up under the floor.

For our Solo+ Custom Fly/Canopy in standard colors below, add $189.00.  This fits our Alpha and may also be purchased for ST-1 owners who desire a second or additional color or replacement Fly/Canopy. For Super SilNyl or Camo, add additional as noted below.

For our Two+ Custom Fly/Canopies in standard colors below, add $289.00. These fit our Omega and may also be purchased for ST-2-4-2 owners who desire a second or additional color or replacement Fly/Canopy. For Super SilNyl or Camo, add additional as noted below.

Our Micro-Fly for the FlyingBivy 2.0: $129.95 if purchased separately (or see the package deal on the FB2.0 page!). This approximately 5'x12' straight cut Fly is fully equipped with strong, sewn tie loops and main anchor point ties and will especially allow the user to use this Fly as a waterproof blanket covering over the FB2 site, pulling it up under his chin, or also deploying it over the whole unit as a cover or as a lean-to tent: very versatile. This is also a great deal on any SilNyl wilderness Fly, and it can be used for any other uses. It is also seamless and so needs no seam-sealers.