Our Magnificent "Aelph" Omega

We bill our Omega as "an elfin castle in the woods for a prince and his lady." But it will also hold two or even three adult friends who are hunting, fishing, camping, or backpacking in the outback. Even a small family can be tucked in: Dad, Mom, and couple of little ones.
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Any bigger would be ungainly off the ground, but our Omega remains nimble and packable, even by one expeditionist or forester packing in to set up a base camp. It weighs right around 12 pounds complete with all supporting web and tensioning gear and hardware, Fly/Canopy, stuff sacks and all. Yet, it is packed in two stuff sacks, one totalling full at about seven pounds, and the other about five; indeed, about perfect for a couple too!

Our Custom-Cut Fly/Canopy for the Omega is sold separately so that you can choose from color, grade, and material options.  We also build custom units for specific site needs; takes a little longer.  You may also buy the Omega and supply your own Fly, constructing yourself, or buying or modifying from generic Flys on the market.  CLICK ON THE RED BOX LINK BELOW FOR OUR WHOLE PAGE OF FLYS AND ACCESSORIES.


For professional outdoors' people, the Omega will serve as a wonderful base camp for working in the deep outdoors. A huge Fly/Canopy will protect a large under area for gear and equipment storage, even a table and covered work area. And, as with the Alpha, an Accessory Gear Net can be fit below the floor, either fairly tight up to it, or lowered down a couple of feet, a net which will hold huge amounts of gear, somewhat accessible by reaching down and under from in the tent and completely accessible from outside the tent.

The Omega is constructed of the same fabrics and methods of the Alpha, but the circumference web of the floor is 6600 pound test rather than 4400 pound. The Tree-Saver Bands drop to 4400 pound as three of them share the load, but they can be upped to the 6600 pound construction if desired. We use our milled-and-built-on-site original Tensioner, built from yachting and mountaineering hardware, with a 10:1+ mechanical advantage with our superstrong (8000-9000 pound test) "elfin cord" to support the Omega through a wide range of Tensioning needs and situations. One simple knot, The Timber Hitch, which we teach here at the site, and which releases easily after being under high tension, is needed to affix the "elfin cord" Treelines to the SS corner rings.

We now offer a "downgrade" to our new Production Tensioner which is a little less versatile in tensioning distances, but with webbing modifications, accomplishes pretty much the same thing. This allows a price reduction of $100 if desired, for our ElectroGalvanized 3300 pound model; this can be had in Stainless Steel by adding back $19.95. If weight is not an issue and an overbuilt rig is desired, we have a Production Tensioner of twice the webbing breadth capacity, and we supply 2" Tree-Saver Bands (TSBs) @ 6600 pound test with it. It weighs about 32 oz. bare compared to our 3330 pound test Production Tensioner at about 12 oz. It can be had @ $30 in Electrogalvanized or $50 in Stainless Steel. For special heavy set ups, we will price out the full rig for you as certain other modifications are needed too. We will also build custom heavy, open floors for special forest needs, observation stands, etc.  Ask.

Rugged, lightweight, shock corded aluminum poles support a tent which has two sets of double doors on opposing sides, each with full screen and zippered closure panels; each occupant can exit or enter on his or her own side, not disturbing the other. At the Headside, a huge, radiused "picture window" spans nearly the whole space, and is double zipper-headed. (Sixteen different zipperheads throughout address venting and viewing options!) Under it, a double layered pocket spans the whole Headside distance. The big pocket behind will receive the tent fabric window panel when fully opened to screen as well as bulky items like vests, other clothing, etc. Twelve facing pockets toward the inside hold everything from smart phones to glasses and toothbrushes and small tools. The overall pocket construction is also equipped with a shock cord and tensioner on each end to adjust for differing loads on the pocket. A huge Accessory Net Bag will span the rear poles inside, and an Accessory GearNet will fill the entire under floor area, and can be partially accessed by just reaching under from an opened door…and fully accessed upon exiting the tent. For tropical and jungle climates, a Mosquito Undernet can facilitate sleeping with few or no clothes directly against the very breathable floor. Alternately, breathability can be blocked off with bedding and insulation pads for use in the cold. The Accessory GearNet can still be used below the Mosquito Undernet as desired.

​from $1499.95 with the Original 10:1+ Tensioner and "elfin cord"

from $1399.95 with the new Production Tensioner and webbing layout
Take us to your Leader!
Home, Sweet Home in the Woods!
Becomes a full screen house using your adjustments of 16 zipper heads!
Middle Earth?  No, a wooded brow above Vermont's Lake Champlain
Woodland Comfort ™

Casual comfort above the bugs and little critters, yet deep in a forest!

All closed up...

…or zipped open to full screen house…or anywhere in between!

..a forest scene deep in Lothlorien? no, just an Omega in the woods...

…As good as it gets…

A nice set-up height. An easy bound gets you in, but you're way above pesky little night critters — snakes, mice, skunks, etc.  Hard core predator watchers, hunters, etc. can take the time and siting and climbing skills to set very high.

A Headside angle shot, showing the Omega's picture window and one of the two, full double doors with full screens.

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