"The FB-2"
Our All New FlyingBivy 2.0 
Woodland Camping Platform

Our new "Tree-Sleeper"™
 Our eminently backpackable (2 kg complete!)
 "Thin Black Line in the Woods" ™

 ready to set up….$179.95!

Get the same stable, level, comfortable sleeping and camping as all of our Treez Tree Tents…just simplified and made very light, a mere 4.5 lbs complete, for our backpacking friends.  But no scrimping on quality of materials…same grades, same handwrought construction efforts as our Expedition Grade Flagship Line!   We do change to a new-to-us Supplex Floor for very comfortable, secure sleeping, at a lighter carry weight and pack size, and, along with the ST-2 and ST-2-4-2, we offer a new simplified Tensioner.  You don't even need to learn the one knot, the Timber Hitch, anymore as on our classic, machined-in-house, original ultralight, ultra strong Tensioner.  There is a little less Tensioning versatility with our new unit, but with changes in our "spider-web" webbing support design, we are able to keep to our full siting versatility at a better cost ratio.  Our standard new Tensioner is in Electro-Galvanized metal, or upgrade to all Stainless Steel for $14.95.

Our New FlyingBivy 2.0 

...follows in the traditions of our original FlyingBivy.   We started out working to build our patented, ultralight but ultrastrong off-the-ground, stable, level, comfortable camps and sleeping platforms for backpackers and those who like to escape into the deep woods, wilds, outbacks, and wildernesses.  To these two opposite needs of strength and lightness, we added a profound desire for utter Versatility as every treed site would offer different challenges and opportunities, and we wanted Treez users to be inspired with the versatilities to be able to use 
Treez to fit well into nearly any treed situation.  We never compromise on strength and rugged, well built durability, but we never compromise on excess weight either.  And to this, we have designed, through our own extensive experience in the field a Versatility of Use that is utterly intuitive, situation to situation and set-up to set-up.

For instance, all of our platforms, tents, and Fly/Canopies have sewn flat cord tie-loops wherever they are of design necessity and ALSO wherever they might be needed in varied situations.  We could use punched in metal grommets, but they add weight, and can open the surrounding fabric under stress.  Our sewn, flat cord perimeter ties, for example, are double-bar-stitched to a wide, turned-back doubled seam around the perimeter of all of our Fly/Canopies…including the Mini-Fly offered as an Accessory for the FB-2.

With our new FB-2, you can economize and use your own covering, or you can add the Accessory of our simple, rectangular Mini-Fly designed at 60" x 144" to cover the FB-2 and leave options for side porch tie-outs, headside hood tie-outs, even potable water collection!  Or, it can be left loose to use like a blanket drawn up across the chest or under the chin and over your sleeping gear, or quickly tied out over your head, or just pulled over, or, more extensively tied out to downwind porches or sun screens, etc. — making omni-directional "lean-tos"as you desire and as occasion suggests.  It has three simple central ties for basic placement and control and then the full complement of perimeter ties — those bar-stitched strong flat cord loops sewn to the perimeter's doubled back seam — to use or not use as you please, tying to nearby branches or scrub, even staking to the ground or tying together under for bad weather.

The FlyingBivy 2.0, with all gear needed to loft a camping platform in thousands of settings

at only $179.95 !

Add the Seamless Mini-Fly later (needs no seam sealer!)  ( It can also be used in any camping situation where a light strong, highly water-resistant SilNyl Fly is wanted, and at a great deal for any SilNyl Fly.) only $129.95.

Or, Buy Them Together as a only $279.95!

Employing our new simplified web-tensioning system; now, not even the one simple Timber Hitch knot is needed; standard Tensioner is Electro-Galvanized metal;  upgrade to Stainless Steel for $14.95.
Using our Mini-Fly Accessory as a lean-to
Half Headside Hood, Half Side Porch; almost infinite arrangements;  Pack is tied back under weather protection near head of occupant;  all ground under may also be used for protected storage; several tie locations for hanging things around perimeter too, attaching "clotheslines," etc.

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"The Thin Black Line in the Woods," here topped with sleeping bag and pad.
Using the Mini-Fly Accessory as moisture shedding cover to chest or chin over sleeping bags and pads....
Can also be tethered to webbing at one or both head corners to stay put while you sleep, or can be thrown over head for night showers, tied down too, or tied out and up as a bivy hood/porch over the Headside.

"All there is to it!"
Pack Size Complete & Weight, 2 kg (4.5 lb)
Thumbnail Gallery from our wintry FB-2 introductory shoot. 
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FB-2 readied as bivy sack.  Note the shoeshoes hanging from a tree behind.  Had to pack in over snow-drifted fields to get to this little cedar refuge!

FB-2's Mini-Fly rigged as a lean-to from the breeze.

FB-2 laid out with bag over pad, viewed from Headside angle.


Looking along our "spider web" of tensioned support from where a TreeLine Web passes through a Tree-Saver Band.

From the Carabinered Foot End...

Kicking back during a set-up.  Headside corner tied out so that the Headside has the beginning of a hood and the side is partly "porched."  Many options in every setting!